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Eidolons CD Review and REAL LIFE BLOGGING

Hey y’all, as you may or may not know I am an intern at The Portland Mercury, a balls-out, arts-based, crazy as anything and also the best newsweekly in Portland. Anyway, I’ve been doing a pretty sad job of blogging for them (y’know I thought I’d be good at blogging), posting like one or two things, but I mainly write little blurbs about events and do mindless data entry/checking.


By the end of the summer… who knows?

Anyway, I finally got my shit together and alerted the powers-that-be that I’d really like to write about music, since, y’know, I really like writing about music. My dreams have come true, ladies and gentlemen, and I would like to present to you my first blog post over on End Hits, the Merc’s music blog:

A review of Eidolons’ China EP

Eidolons are close to my heart, seeing as they just graduated from Lewis & Clark! And besides that, they are pretty decent. So read my stuff (because you love me) and listen to Eidolons (because you love good music) and have an excellent Monday.

As always, more to come!