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A Weekend to Remember

Let me start by saying that nice baristas who take interest in your life and congratulate you on things like your internship and all of your “hard work” truly make the world go round. Thank you, pink-shirted barista in Stumptown. This blog post is for you.

This weekend was one I was anticipating for quite some time. It was my penultimate weekend in Portland before I head home for two weeks, away from the city and scene that I love. So it is only fitting that I crammed as much Portland-y musical crap into it that I possibly could.

Aren’t you excited?

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Jaill – Everyone’s A Bitch

I have a big post coming later today chronicling my weekend, which was insane, but for now you should just listen to Jaill.

I feel like this song right now thinking about my empty stomach, my headache, and the fact that I got four hours of sleep last night.