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Drew Grow & The Pastors Wives – Bootstraps

Junior year of college is hard, dedicated readers. I promise some meaningful content soon. For now, enjoy this pop song that is keeping me going.


Last gasps of summer & first breaths of fall

Summer ending is really bittersweet, as always. This summer has been a strange one for me, but probably one of the best summers I’ve ever had. It is only fitting that I say farewell to summer with a handful of kickass shows. Here it is, the Zibby-approved guide to September show-going & beyond:

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NEW TYPHOON!!! New Typhoon, everyone!

Thank you, thank you THANK YOU FINALLY–New music from Typhoon. Here are some fun facts about me and Typhoon:

-Typhoon were the first and last band I ever saw at Berbati’s Pan (and were one of the last bands to play there!).
-I have seen Typhoon too many times, many times were in the same night, but the best show of theirs I saw was in Boise, Idaho at TreeFort Festival.
-The first time I saw Typhoon, they opened for Avi Buffalo, and they were infinitely better.

This song, “Morton’s Fork,” is what one would expect from them: simple, orchestral, intoxicating. It’s sweet, in the sort of way that has you wanting to sit on your porch in the late sun drinking lemonade or something.

(Maybe that is just me projecting my desires onto this song.)


Sleepover Shows – Blitzen Trapper

Eric Earley of Blitzen Trapper

Sleepover Shows – Blitzen Trapper

I lied, I’m back! Vacation can’t keep me away from Blitzen Trapper. Check out these sweet videos of them from the Newport Folk Festival… I’m a little biased, but I think they’re great!

Lower Dens – Candy

This week has been crazy–between packing up my apartment, moving in to my new house, and spending time with my crazy family, I have had hardly anytime to sleep let alone blog.

Next week I’m headed to my homeland, Maryland, to relax, be a tourist with my West Coast boyfriend, and see people I haven’t seen since January.

So here’s the newest video from Baltimore’s own Lower Dens. Home state pride!

Typhoon – The Honest Truth

THE HONEST TRUTH is that I’m really bad at maintaining my internet presence over the weekend. That, coupled with me leaving the state in a few days and planning super fun activities to do with my Mom and Aunt while they are here, has been keeping me from being the good little blogger y’all know me to be.

And that is the honest truth about blogging, and Zibby.

But this is The Honest Truth by Typhoon and it is much more interesting. Cheers!