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Your easy guide to MFNW according to Zibby

Okay, so the 2012 Music Fest Northwest lineup was released last week, and my initial reaction was disappointment. However, since talking to some people are reading over the participating bands again and again, I’m feeling okay about it… after all, it isn’t my festival…

Silversun Pickups. I didn’t know these guys even had more than one song!

The headliners are lame and annoying for the most part: Silversun Pickups, Passion Pit and Beirut. I mean Beirut is cool because he has that same kinda hipster appeal as Bon Iver but y’know from like five years ago. Girl Talk will be there which I think is going to be really fun, despite my disagreeing with his headliner status–this is probably the only headlining show I’ll go to.

Besides that, there’s a bevy of smaller but still high profile band shows that will probably be awesome. Including: Dinosaur Jr (and J. Mascis is playing solo also? Weird, but should be rad), The Tallest Man on Earth which I know everyone is excited about (even though I really dislike his newest single, “1904”), the unexpected reunion (?) of Menemena, folk favorites Trampled by Turtles, Lightning Bolt (should be fun), Tanlines, These United States, the kind-of-annoying-because-people-won’t-shut-up-about-them but cute nonetheless Hey Marseilles, and super cute French ex-pat Tender Forever.

Tender Forever. Ain’t she cute?

So not all bad, but here’s the thing I’m confused about: why so many bands I could see any old day?

There are a plethora of Portland bands tacked to the lineup (which trust me, I love, I love all these bands), bands that play in town on the regular and just seem to be used as filler by our beloved festival organizers. Bands like: And And And, AAN, Blouse, White Fang, Grandparents, Hosannas, Brainstorm, Mean Jeans, Radiation City, Typhoon, and Starfucker. 

Typhoon. Remember when you saw these guys at the Artistery for three bucks? Good times.

So yeah, plenty to see and take in. Plenty more that I haven’t mention but you can read the full lineup HERE. Really though, when it comes to things like this, decide for yourself what you want to see! Create your own music destiny! Get drunk and enjoy the shit you thought you’d hate! Make out with a band member! Explore all the venues in Portland!

It may suck to have to put up with Passion Pit fans, but at least they aren’t playing in Pioneer Square.

This looks like my worst nightmare.

Wristbands are on sale now, its $125 for guaranteed entry at any venue and ONE of the three headlining shows (SSP, Girl Talk, Beirut) ; $75 for full-access to clubs but not guaranteed entry and ONE headlining show; $250 for full access to clubs and guaranteed entry at any venue and ALL THREE headlining shows.

Tickets may be bought separately for each individual show and range in price. All headlining shows are $32. Other ticket listings for venues can be found here. But just so you know, they are all pretty pricey–do they think I am really going to pay $15 to see Typhoon and &&&???????