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AC Newman by Caleb Beyers

AC NEWMAN AT THE DOUG FIR! (via The Pioneer Log)

Sometimes you write previews at the last second just to score tickets to the show. Such is the life of a lazy music journalist. And by lazy I mean fully-loaded college student and Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper. Happy weekend, all! And if anyone wants to go see AC Newman with me, I’ve got a +1!


Welcome back to The Pioneer Log!

The Pioneer Log, Volume 79, Issue 1

Tonight marked the unofficial re-beginning of my life. As you may or may not know, I live, breathe, and bleed the Lewis & Clark student-run newspaper. The Pioneer Log is my baby, my pride and joy, and the thing that gets me through the week every single week. Maybe it’s creepy the extent that I enjoy my job, but I like to think my passion for this sort of thing is a good sign.

Tonight was our first layout, and it was an amazing success. My good friend and long-time co-section editor Hayley and I have a really great staff, who are, although somewhat inexperienced, have a lot of enthusiasm and energy about what they are doing.

The cover that I am posting marks a change in the appearance of The Pioneer Log. We haven’t undergone a complete re-design, but we wanted to format our paper more as a news magazine, and we drew inspiration from some alternative newsweeklies in Portland and Seattle.

Sophomore Kelsey Gray did the cover art for us, and I think it is fantastic. I hope that you all enjoy our first issue this week! It’ll be on stands Friday at 9am.

If you aren’t around to get a physical copy, you can read the articles online at http://piolog.com, and soon they’ll be up on Issuu, once I get that figured out.

Cheers friends! Here’s to the up and up!