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Two important things happening at NPR First Listen

February is a really weird, bad month, especially if you don’t like football and/or celebrities. This month has been hard for me because it’s the first full month of the semester, and I’ve realized how little time I have to devote to stuff I love–like seeing music and blogging. I’ve been blogging for a class of mine and that’s been a big time suck for me. I won’t bore you with academic details–here’s what you came for:

Yesterday, two exciting things surfaced on NPR First Listen. 

1.) Waxahatchee – Cerulean Salt


Waxahatchee, or Katie Crutchfield, found much success following her 2012 release, American Weekend. The Internet was awash with rave reviews for this Brooklynite and ex-PS Eliot-er. And American Weekend was beautiful. It was simple, raw, and rang in the heart of every 20-something who was ever an angst-ridden teenager. 

Cerulean Salt, unfortunately, falls short. Everything that made American Weekend unique is absent from this album. It is well-produced, cleaned up, and somehow sounds much more monotonous and dull. The charm of Waxahatchee was the undone nature of the songs, the way Crutchfield’s voice splintered your heart. While Cerulean Salt is much more accessible and is sure to be a crossover hit for Crutchfield, it lacks what drew people to American Weekend in the first place.

Listen to: “Lips and Limbs” and “Misery Over Dispute”

Release date: March 5


2.) Youth Lagoon – Wondrous Bughouse



The psychedelic follow-up to Youth Lagoon’s 2011 release The Year of Hibernation is quite a step for Trevor Powers. Where The Year of Hibernation was called “bedroomy” and “sleepy” by reviewers, Wondrous Bughouse is wide awake. 

Wondrous Bughouse is vibrant, textured, and lends much more to the year than The Year of Hibernation. With distortion and a wider array of pitch, Powers is channeling earlier Animal Collective. It’s an interesting mix of pop and noise. Like Owl City is Owl City wasn’t so annoying, or you know, uncool. 

Listen to: “Attic Doctor” and “Sleep Paralysis”

Release date: March 5

A Weekend to Remember

Let me start by saying that nice baristas who take interest in your life and congratulate you on things like your internship and all of your “hard work” truly make the world go round. Thank you, pink-shirted barista in Stumptown. This blog post is for you.

This weekend was one I was anticipating for quite some time. It was my penultimate weekend in Portland before I head home for two weeks, away from the city and scene that I love. So it is only fitting that I crammed as much Portland-y musical crap into it that I possibly could.

Aren’t you excited?

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